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Our Inspiration


As Emilie’s parents we want to honor her and remember her the best way we can. We have decided that the very best way to do that and stay true to Emilie is to take what we know defined her and what she valued most and use that to pay it forward. Although Emilie was a complex and beautiful person in so many ways, we have found that art is a common thread in almost every aspect of her life. Her personality and attributes of love, compassion, understanding, giving and pureness have all been expressed through her art.

Emilie could have been anything she wanted in life. However, she constantly told us that when she grew up she wanted to open an art gallery. She would work on her paintings and sculptures in the back, and Alissa would run the cash register in the front. It was so sweet how she and Alissa were so close that Emilie’s vision of her future involved sharing it with her mom.

Art was Emilie’s outlet and her joy, and we want to be able to provide that same opportunity to those who wish to express themselves in a similar way. As parents of a child who loved to express herself through art in its many forms, we have seen firsthand how difficult it can be to find proper avenues to develop that passion. Art programs are few and far between and usually suffer the first hit when budgets are cut. It is easy to sign your children up for a multitude of soccer, basketball and baseball leagues, but difficult to find programs to teach ceramics, watercolor and abstract art.

We had the amazing blessing of watching how Emilie came alive through her art. Our hope is to overcome the simple challenges that exist and provide opportunities for your children to share their stories with you, through art.